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Spark n' Burn

A Multi-Fandom Graphics Challenge Community

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A community for muti-fandom fanart challenges and graphics related things
This comm is for all the talented artists out there that like to participate in some friendly graphic-related competition every now and again.

There will be a new art challenge every month. Challenges will include different graphic formats (such as icons, banners, wallpapers and manips) and different prompt types (one word prompts, lyrics, specific pictures to be included or manipped etc.). We accept both digital art (Photoshop and similar programs) as well as traditional art (drawings).

Accepted Fandoms
So far, we accept art for the following fandoms:

+Battlestar Galactica
+Dark Angel
+Harry Potter
+Terminator Franchise
+Whedonverse (i.e. Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse)

We also accept any crossovers of the above fandoms.

We also have a fandom suggestion thread, where you can propose any fandom to be included. Comments will be screened. Once a fandom gets five or more nominations, it will be added to the list above.

To nominate a fandom, go HERE.

Please note that this community is for fiction fandoms only, i.e. television shows, movies, books etc. No Real Person fandoms and art will be accepted! There are other communities for that. Thank you.

Rules & Posting
All art submitted in response to any of the challenges has to be your own. Any user that is caught passing off somebody else’s work as their own will immediately be banned from the community.

If you have any questions regarding a challenge, leave a comment to the original challenge post and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

All art needs to be put behind a cut, we want to try and keeps this comm as tidy as possible. All art with a width above 600px (i.e. wallpapers) needs to be linked with a thumbnail.

When posting a submission to a challenge, please make sure to include the following information:

+ Artist
+ Challenge number/title
+ Fandom
+ Character/Pairing (if applicable)
+ Rating (If you’re piece contains adult themes and/or is not safe for work, clearly state so!)
+ Warnings (if applicable, for example: spoilers, adult content, sex, nudity, slash etc.

When posting, please also follow the individual relevant instructions given in each challenge post and use the appropriate tags requested. Number of submissions is limited to one piece per fandom per artist. Which means, for example, if the challenge is to make a series of icons for your favorite character, you can submit as many as seven batches, as long as they are each for a different fandom. If you submit a crossover piece, both fandoms will be counted for that challenge.

After a challenge has ended, we will put up a masterlist with all the submissions and a poll where all members can vote on a winner for each individual challenge. Winners receive a shiny banner to prove their awesomeness to the world.

This community is generally for posting fanart submissions only. However, if someone thinks they have any information or news relevant to the community (advertising of another graphics site, news on a new graphic programme, tutorials, recommendations etc.) feel free to PM skylar0grace .

Please DO NOT post random fanart here. This is a challenge site, so only challenge submissions will be accepted. Thank you.

For the moment, this community is unmoderated, since that is kind of an annoying thing for both posters and maintainers. However, should it become necessary (i.e. people not sticking to the rules or not respecting the posting format), moderation will be taken into consideration.






(If you would like to be an affiliate of this site, please send a PM to skylar0grace. We’ll accept sites that are either graphics-oriented or relevant to one of the accepted fandoms.)