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25 June 2011 @ 11:05 pm

Okay guys, the extension has ended and Round #7 is officially closed! There were obviously less entries than we wanted but it's the first one back after the hiatus so it was predicted :) Here's to hoping that the next round gets more entries! :D A shout out to sevendeadlyfun who has a pretty below the cut!

AWARD HERECollapse )

Also, let's pimp the comm like crazy! There's a nifty little box below so all you need to do is copy and paste! Easy!

Also, a shout out for one of our affiliates zombiebang who has sign-ups opening for Round 2 on the 1st July. If you're interested in writing a zombie mini fic or doing art for one, head over.
08 June 2011 @ 11:44 pm
+ Artist: sevendeadlyfun

+ Challenge number/title: #7 - Sin City Sparks

+ Fandom: BTVS

+ Character/Pairing: Spike

+ Rating: SFW

+ Warnings: None applicable

06 June 2011 @ 11:44 pm
Mod Note: Profuse apologies for the late post!!! Battling the flu here and trying not to let Death take me away... :P


All submissions for this challenge need to be a poster size of 500x700px however if you want to do 700x500px, that’s fine.


lightthesparks may have stepped down but she’s hardly gone and this challenge was inspired by some of her pieces. Check out her Sin City inspired work and delve into the challenge below. :D

For this challenge, you need to create your poster/s for your favourite show and/or pairing that has the feel of the Sin City posters. Content is free - it can be episode related/overall show related/crossover/character oriented/fanfic based/whatever you want, as long as it respects the above specified poster format, is one of the approved shows and has one or more visual stand outs; ie/ blue eyes, orange hair, red blood, etc.

In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, there are a couple of the Sin City posters below the cut.

Poster ExamplesCollapse )

If there're any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


When posting your submission, please put all artwork behind a cut and include the following information:

+ Artist
+ Challenge number/title
+ Fandom
+ Character/Pairing (if applicable)
+ Rating (If you’re piece contains adult themes and/or is not safe for work, clearly state so!)
+ Warnings (if applicable, for example: spoilers, adult content, sex, nudity, slash etc.)

For all submissions to this challenge, please use the tag 'challenge 7 – Sin City Sparks'


All submissions for this challenge are due by midnight on Sunday, 19 June 2011 (GMT).
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15 May 2011 @ 10:42 pm

As you all know by now, the AMAZINGLY talented lightthesparks is in high demand here. And in RL, people are trying to snag her talents too - it takes her away from us unfortunately... pesky RL! Anyhoo, as she's said, she handed me the reigns for a while and I've got the next challenge all lined up so everyone be prepared!!! It's an awesome challenge!

There's gonna be minor challenges around here but nothing to worry about - lightthesparks created a pretty amazing comm, I'm just gonna tweak it to make it work a little more efficiently. I hope :P If any of you have any ideas, bring 'em on! I'd love to hear them.

The next challenge will be up on the first of next month along with the schedule so keep your eyes open for it! I'll put up sign-ups in about a week so that we can all have time to spread the word and make sure everyone is on their way. I've included a text box below with a promo banner in it if you feel like spreading the word around *hinthint nudgenudge* :D

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07 May 2011 @ 11:15 am
Heya guys,

As you all can see, this community has been somewhat abandoned for some time now, due entirely to me being too wrapped up in other things to keep it going steadily. However, this is about to change now.

I'm happy to announce that the fabulous skylar0grace is stepping up and taking over the running of this comm. I'll still be around, but just in the background and occasionally as participant. It's her show now :D

There's already a new challenge lined up to restart the fun on here, so I hope all you artists out there are ready to go. Keep your eyes open for the new and improved sparkandburn!

Live long and prosper.
Lightthesparks, out.
26 February 2010 @ 10:29 am
+ Artist jadeleopard
+ Challenge 6 - Rock On
+ Fandom/Character BtVS/SPN / Buffy & Dean
+ Rating PG
+ Warnings None

You promised me heavenCollapse )
25 February 2010 @ 09:26 pm
artist: alwaysawkward
challenge: 6 - Rock On
prompt number: 05
fandom/character: Supernatural//Sam & Dean
rating: pg
warnings: none

raise those six gunsCollapse )
25 February 2010 @ 10:34 pm
The poll for Round 5 winner is currently at a tie between the first two. To elect who wins and who gets to be Runner Up, here's the tie breaker poll. Please vote for your favorite. Voting will end Monday, March 1.

Round 5 Winner

Jadeleopard: Anna & Jo
Amyxaphania: Spike

If you wanna have another look at the two pieces in question, check ou the masterlist for Round 5 HERE.
21 February 2010 @ 10:29 pm
+ Artist jadeleopard
+ Challenge 6 - Rock On
+ Fandom/Character TSCC / Cast
+ Rating G
+ Warnings None

Fight the Good FightCollapse )
15 February 2010 @ 02:49 pm
artist: ameraleigh
challenge: 6 - Rock On
prompt number: 18
fandom/character: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
rating: PG
warnings: none

Ain't No EdenCollapse )